About the Pind Daan

Happy Vacation is an travel portal teamed by professionals in the travel industry with a decade of collective experience Pind Daan is an offering to the dead elders. It mainly consists of cooked rice mixed with black sesame seeds. Small dumplings of this mixture are offered to crows. These birds are believed to be the representatives of Yama (God or death) or the agents of the dead.

Pind Daan is primarily a practice aimed at the attainment of freedom from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. It is generally wished for that the souls of the departed living on the Higher Plane, which may also be referred to as heaven, may never degrade into a lesser existence, and the souls of the departed suffering in a Lower Plain may be allowed to ascend to the Higher Plane.

Types of Pind Daan

PITRU DOSH NIVARAN: It consists of tarpan Karma, the offering of food and clothes to Brahmins, Pitra Aradhana,

KALSHARPYOG POOJA: Kalasarpa Dosha can bring a threat to finances, health, and prosperity of one's life.

TIRPINDI SHRADH: It is done when someone has died unnaturally..